The only constant is change

We’ve had a record-breaking year already at athleteReg. Our team has been busy helping more event directors than ever before manage their events and connect with participants. The rapid return to live events across the country is such a promising indicator of the desire to get outside and be back in our communities. It’s certainly different from the view one year ago.

Ross chasing his son at Kingdom Trails in Burke, VT

Greek philosopher Heraclitus is credited with saying “The only constant is change”, or some version of it. This feels like an appropriate reminder after a topsy turvy 2020, and a 2021 that keeps throwing curveballs. With new event formats, a changing covid landscape, weather, fire, and air quality issues, the need to innovate, build robust safety and contingency plans, and still keep your eye on a great event experience is greater than ever before. It can be a lot for an event director to contend with! athleteReg remains committed to helping people promote events safely and effectively with support for:

Finally, our platform and our capabilities are changing – for the better of course! As you may know, this February, athleteReg joined Pocket Outdoor Media (now Outside) and the entire company rebranded to Outside, the world’s leading creator of active lifestyle content. Being aligned with over 30 active lifestyle brands is helping us gather new insights, step up our game, and develop tools not available anywhere else. We’ll keep you posted on new opportunities and new integrations.

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