Five Things Not to Forget on Event Day

Event day is approaching, and stress is high. There is a growing list of things for you to remember, but of course, once you get to your event, there will be things that you inevitably forget, and a few things that you didn’t even realize that you needed! Here is a list of five things that we hope will leave you better prepared for event day.

Pens and Pencils

It may seem simple, but when you’re at the venue, there are many instances where extra pens and pencils make a difference in keeping the flow of whatever process is happening snag-free. At registration, for participants to sign waivers, for your volunteers to take notes, all these scenarios require something to write with, and if you run out of available pens and pencils, you may find that you hit an unexpected road block.

Course Maintenance Supplies (Duct Tape/Zip-Ties/Clippers)

Showing up with a toolbox may seem like being over-prepared, but as participants, spectators, family and friends use your venue, or your course, inevitably it will need some repair, and having items handy for a quick fix will make your life much easier on event-day. Having these tools and supplies handy will also make things quicker if you are responsible for taking down the venue after the event is over, especially if you brought multiples of each item and can share with volunteers. If you have volunteers willing to help, you want to be ready to provide them with the tools to make them as efficient as possible at their tasks.

Extra Toilet Paper

It may seem a little silly, as the venue may come with what seems plenty of toilet paper, but the complaints will come pouring in if you run out, and the last thing you want to do on event day is run to the store for some extra toilet paper.



Snacks and water for Volunteers and Staff

Having a snack table for your volunteers and staff is a great way to not only say thank you, but to keep folks motivated throughout the day. If your event is an all-day affair, having a place where a volunteer or staff member can rest and refuel for a few minutes makes all the difference.



First Aid Kit

Even if you hired an EMT or a paramedic to attend your event, it’s still a good idea to include a first aid kit in the things that you bring along. Small cuts and bruises can be tended to without needing to bother the EMTs, and if you don’t have medical staff on site, having a kit is important for those smaller bumps and bruises.




We hope this list has better prepared you for event day, and if you have other questions about putting on an event, or any other aspect of event registration get in touch! We are always happy to chat.