Hybrid Events: Best of Both Worlds for 2021

Using feedback from event directors nationwide as well as researching state guidelines, our team is staying on top of where the event space is heading.

As we look toward 2021 and analyze what events will look like, we remain confident that events will be allowed to happen in person, however, many events will make the decision to continue offering a virtual aspect or stay entirely virtual. In 2020, events with a virtual component have allowed event directors to reach participants that are historically outside their travel radius.. 

Based on requests from our event directors it is clear that the ability to run a regular event registration with a virtual challenge component is going to be common, leading us to produce tools to put on seamless hybrid events.

Hybrid events can be quickly defined as events with both an in-person and virtual component. One where a participant has two registration paths to choose from and take part in. In addition to letting participants participate within their comfort zone, it also allows participants who aren’t able to travel to the event, either from travel restrictions or otherwise, to take enjoy the event.

If your event has the ability to have in-person options, the hybrid functionality allows you to add easy to manage registration options. Given the ease of participating in virtual events, this is an easy way to introduce participants to your event. 

To set up a hybrid event, you can follow our easy how-to article here

With hybrid events, you can retain in-person categories and use our evolving virtual challenge tools. Virtual events are here to stay and we are continuing to build tools to provide you with what is necessary to stay on top of the virtual event space and engage with your community, no matter where they are.