A Message from the CEO: On Community

Here at athleteReg, we’ve all been working from home the last 10 weeks, doing our jobs, only the job feels different right now. Our roles have transitioned to helping directors navigate new waters seemingly overnight. While our community of employees, event directors, and athletes is more distant in a literal sense, it also feels closer as we’re all sharing the same challenges. I’ve been reflecting on this community and feeling grateful for what we had, what we have, and what we’re looking forward to. 

While it’s been a challenging past two months for all of us in the endurance sports industry, we have taken this opportunity to re-imagine what we can do for our directors this year and beyond. In doing so, I’ve personally realized just how grateful I am for our community. 

Every day we get to interact with an amazing community of passionate event directors and athletes. The sports and the causes we’re involved with are core to who we are and constitute a large part of our community and identity. On the whole it’s a group of smart, hard-working, adventurous folks who love being outside, pushing limits, and bringing people together. The conversations we have with directors in both good times and bad are energizing and motivating not only in providing insight to make our business and our platform more valuable to them, but also in reminding us what we’re all working hard to build together. Community.

That community includes our employees too. Our team is flexible, resilient, and ready to tackle a challenge. I knew this before, but now I am seeing it in a new way, every single day. For that, I am grateful. I am grateful for the energy my team brings to the table, it’s motivating and sustaining. 

To our community near and far – THANK YOU!

Who’s in your corner motivating you? I hope you are feeling grateful for your community, finding energy in that, and finding ways to connect with them. Need ideas on engaging your community? Get in touch!

Ross Krause

CEO, athleteReg