Check-In Feature Released

You’ve heard it before – personalization is key when interacting with your customers. Without it, they feel like you aren’t there for them. athleteReg wants to make the participant-event relationship more efficient and more personal.

Introducing the participant check-in feature, part of LiveReg, our Day-Of Registration App for iPads. No more spreadsheets and lists to shuffle – with a quick search and tap you can check in participants while simultaneously seeing what merchandise (Event Shirts, Mugs, Pint Glasses, etc.) they have ordered.


When start lists are generated or sent through the LiveReg app to the timer, you’ll have an up to date list of starters sorted by those who have checked-in (highlighted in green). No more guessing at who’s on course. Since the app is connected to the athleteReg database in real-time, all of this valuable data is also available through the event director side at any time. Consolidating your data, eliminating guesswork, and reducing workload is pretty much what you’ve asked for, right?


Post-event, you will now have a clear picture of who registers for the events, what merchandise they purchased, and the timeline of when they check in on event day. Fewer mistakes, increased efficiency for both staff and participants, and more complete participant data to use as a reference for future events. Everybody wins!  



To use this feature, log into the LiveReg app and go to “My Events”. Find the event you are looking into participants for, and click on “Entries”. You can also click on the “Event Day Only” toggle to show all the participants who are registered for your event that day. Beneath each name will be the merchandise they have purchased. From here, you can check them in and ensure all details are in order.

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The LiveReg app is available in the Apple App store for use on any iPad.