Payment Profiles

At athleteReg we are constantly working to improve the experience for event directors, and part of that process is making our systems both more robust and more versatile. Recently we have updated the way that we store payment information in a new system called Payment Profiles.

Payment profiles provide a versatile method of including different payees in one event director account, as well as a method for assigning a default profile. Assigning a default profile makes creating and managing events easier. If you need to make an edit to this default profile it will automatically update all events that are assigned to it, so you won’t need to go in and update each event individually.

Payment profiles also allow for one event director to manage many events that all have separate payees. This makes end-of-year accounting much simpler, as all payment profiles can also have separate tax identities attached to them as needed.

To check in on your payment profile setup simply login to your event director account and navigate to ‘Payment Profiles’ under the ‘Event Director Tasks’ menu. From here you can edit any of your existing payment profiles, set one as default, or delete ones that are no longer in use.

If you have any questions on how best to use payment profiles get in touch! Our customer support team is always happy to talk you through any of our new or existing features.

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