Feature Showcase: Referral Codes

As an event promoter, have you ever wished that your participants could do more for you?

Getting your participants to talk about your event, or share it on different social media channels is a great way to drum up excitement, but how do you get participants to do this? One answer is with referral codes. Referral codes are a great way to get your participants to market your event for you.

Referral codes are a feature that you can set up, and customize to your specifications. They work like this: a person registers for your event and receives a randomly generated code on checkout; depending on how you set it up, this code will trigger a discount, or other incentive, when the threshold for number of uses is met.

Let’s break it down.

Bob has registered for your event on BikeReg using his account. He looks at the confirmation screen or his registration confirmation email and notices that he has a referral code. Awesome! According to the email, if Bob can get at least three of his friends to register using his code, he’ll get $10 off of his entry. Bob can share his code by email, using his Twitter or Facebook, or just give out the code itself. Bob clicks on the Facebook button and makes a post, his code is automatically included, so it’s easy for him. Four of Bob’s friends register using the code, Bob gets an email congratulating him, and he gets the $10 discount!
This type of incentive is an easy way to get your participants excited to share and talk about your event.

Don’t forget, when you’re sending out emails to registered participants as your event draws near to remind them about their referral code if you have one set up.
Checkout our handy Referral Codes article in the athleteReg Knowledgebase to get a thorough breakdown on setting up referral codes in your event.