athleteReg employs RaceHQ’s Online Marketplace

athleteReg has chosen to partner with RaceHQ, an online event management company, in order to aid event directors to make the most out of their events within the event budget. RaceHQ has a unique online marketplace that provides a hub for products and services at wholesale prices. These products include event wear, medals, photos, signage, and more. With this alliance, athleteReg is able to bring its event directors a slew of new benefits that will be sure to increase event quality:

Low prices on a variety of event essentials: Using this marketplace allows access to a variety of products and services at lower prices than if you were to go through a third party store, such as medals, photos, event bibs, t-shirts, and more.

Entice new participants to attend events: Participants will see the value in your event as new product varieties become available and ease of the whole event process is streamlined. It will encourage new participants to sign up for events, as well as keep them coming back once they experience the quality of event.

Increase profit margins: The lower prices available through this marketplace will increase profit margins for your event, as you pay less for the things you need and earn more from the actual event itself.

Host an overall enjoyable, efficient, and profitable event: The point of hosting an event is to provide an overall enjoyable experience for everyone. With this resource, event directors and participants alike will see the value and and efficiency of the event, making the whole experience a gratifying one.