Date-Based Multi-Entry Discounts

AthleteReg event directors can now issue discounts to participants participating in more than one event, if the event spans multiple days. Previously same-day type discounts on a multi-day event were only available if each day’s events were under a single header. There are now 3 options for discount types: event-wide, by group/header, or by date! With our new, date-based discount, participants in a multi-day event can now receive a discount at registration if they register for a second event on the same day.

This feature makes it much easier for event management, and for incentivizing participants to double up. If you are an event director for a cyclocross race or a criterium, this feature will be particularly useful, as you can incentivize riders who normally choose to participate in two races in a day, like Masters racers, or racers who straddle two fields (category 4/5 and category 3/4).

To use this feature login to your event director account and navigate to your multi-day event. Select Multi-Entry Discount under the Event Setup menu on the right and scroll down to choose our new, date-based discount. You can choose from a fixed price for multiple events, or a standard discount.

If you are an event director and would like assistance in setting this up, please reach out, we are happy to help: contact us.