Finding Volunteers, Transitioning Your Events for Free, and More

Find Superstar Volunteers

by Kelli White

Everyone longs to find the volunteers that best fit their event. The people who actually “get it” and will work hard to help your event succeed are out there, but where exactly should you look for that elusive “perfect” volunteer?

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US triathlon market revenue hits the big time at US$2.8 billion

Global triathlon industry organization, Triathlon Business International (TBI), has today released the results of the most comprehensive market research study ever undertaken of the US triathlon community. The study, conducted by independent firm MultiSport Research, analyzed the commercial impact of triathlon in the United States and found that a large base of committed multisport athletes are ‘buying big’ at an estimated US$2.8 billion overall in 2014.

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What’s new at athleteReg:

Smart Transition Program
Less hassle, more support — let us actively manage your athleteReg upgrade.
Upgrading to one of our industry-leading event platforms is seamless and intuitive, making the transition a hassle-free experience. We achieve this
through the Smart Transition Program, which capitalizes on two of our greatest strengths: our state of the art, user-friendly interface and our dedicated event-transition team.

USSA License Integration
SkiReg event directors now have the ability to have all registrants enter their USSA license number, which will then be checked for validity and status by the site.

Streamlined donation/purchasing process
Participants will only have to enter some key details to donate or purchase items on your donation or registration page.