BikeReg Launches Event Day Check-In

We’re excited to announce the launch of Event Day Check-In — a brand new tool for BikeReg clients that will simplify operations on the day of your event. 

The challenge on event day

Event day is incredibly busy. And in addition to the known aspects, including everything you already have on your to-do list for that day, there are any number of unknowns that can pop-up at any moment. To set yourself up for success, and to allow time and energy for the inevitable issues or challenges that will come up, it’s smart to streamline and optimize all of the known processes.

To help you do that, we’ve created a check-in tool that provides a simple and intuitive way to check in your participants, confirm merchandise details, communicate the start list to your event partners, and more.

How it works

At its most basic level, the Event Day Check-In feature will help you check-in participants in real time on event day. As your registrants come forward, you have the ability to search for them, manage their merchandise requests, and assign their bib number. On the back-end, at any point, you can sort your list based on specific questions your participants answered when registering and who has/hasn’t checked-in yet. Once you’re ready for the event to begin, you can easily email the start list of participants to your timing company or registrar — including a column that indicates whether or not a participant has checked-in, so they can easily sort through the no-shows.

To use this feature, navigate to Event Setup → Registration Data → Event Day Check-In.

Simplify your day-of process

This tool is just one of the features we’ve set up to improve the event registration process for our directors, but it’s also one of the most important. Part of your job on event day is to provide a good customer service experience for your customers, which requires a streamlined check-in process that will get them in and out of the line quickly.  Event Day Check-In will help to seamlessly integrate your registration data into your day-of check-in system, simplifying your operations and delighting your participants. 

Ask Us 

As always, we’re here to help. If you have questions about this or any other PledgeReg tool, or need assistance with event promotion, please call us at 888.956.9560 or email