Credits Feature

We are excited to announce that we have released a new feature for event directors: credits. The credits feature will allow directors to issue a credit to a participant, in lieu of a refund. Having this ability will allow greater flexibility in how cancellations are handled.

The credits feature is accessible from the same interface that event directors currently use to refund participants. A credit can be issued for any dollar amount, so directors will not be limited to assigning a credit that is the same value as the original entry fee. Directors can also choose if they want the credit to have an expiration date.

When a credit is issued to a participant, they will be sent a message crafted by you, along with a link that will track the balance of their credit.

When a credit is made, it will initially be applied to any events, current or future, in the event director’s account, which makes it easy to issue a credit for an event that will happen in the future, which the director has not setup yet. If the director wants the credit to only apply to a specific event, or needs to edit any of the specifications of the credit they can do so in their Coupons / Credits interface under ‘Event Director Tasks’. They can navigate to the credit in question, and alter the expiration date, the amount, and the event(s) that the credit applies to.

Here at athleteReg, we are always taking feedback from our event directors, and working to create features that will make their lives easier and we think that this feature will be a great addition to our current suite of event director tools.

To learn more about using this feature, head over to our KnowledgeBase.