Create a virtual event on athleteReg using these new, easy tools

Event Directors can now transform their current event into a virtual event or create a new virtual event using newly released tools from athleteReg. Keep your participants engaged with virtual challenges during COVID-19.

How it all works

If you’ve had to cancel, postpone, or just want to offer a virtual event, you can quickly set up an event using the new virtual tools on any of the athleteReg platforms. When you go to create a new event, just make sure to select “Virtual” as your event type. This will change several settings in the event, such as:

  1. Removes location based information on registration page and confirmation email, like:
    1. Map on registration page
    2. Clickable location on registration page and confirmation email
    3. City and State on registration page
  2. Reduces the participant registration form to key fields to make registration even easier and faster

Going Virtual – The Details

Many event organizers throughout the country have started to put on virtual events with great success. While virtual events and in person events share the same core functions and registration requirements, there are some aspects that differ. For example, virtual events typically don’t require participants to enter as many personal details, or they may not have a specific event date. Instead they may only require name and address, or have a date range in which you can complete the distance or event, respectively.


Set up a distance or time challenge using the custom questions tool to collect the number of miles, hours, or minutes it takes to complete a virtual challenge. Allowing participants to edit their entry and sending out timely reminders will let athletes login and update their progress.

Get important details via custom question to collect event specific information such as, “Do you plan on participating indoors or outdoors?” 

Use our fundraising platform to encourage participants and teams to register and raise funds for local or national organizations making a difference right now.

We have taken these, and many other possible scenarios, into account when creating our virtual event features, so you don’t have to think about it.

Have an idea? Want more examples? Need some guidance?

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