Event Payment Options

At athleteReg we understand that payments are a make-or-break part of your event production. We strive to provide, quick, clean and secure payment processing for your participants, and secure and easy disbursement to you, the event director. We don’t believe that you should be restricted by your registration service in how you get paid. When hosting your event on an athleteReg site, you can be paid by check or via direct deposit. We understand that for you as the event director, having your event funds readily available is paramount.

We offer direct deposit to our event directors so that they have a more expedient way of getting paid than by check. Event directors that switch their payment method to direct deposit also have a few extra options available to them in terms of disbursement, including weekly, biweekly or monthly disbursement schedules; we want you to have the schedule that best suits your needs.

You can easily change your payment setting from check to direct deposit when logged into your event, simply navigate to the Event Payment menu item under the first Event Setup menu, select direct deposit, and enter in your banking information. Once this is complete, you can choose a new disbursement schedule from the drop down.

All athleteReg event directors also have a few more tools at the ready to handle their event funds.

Hold Funds

In the same interface that you enter in your payment information, you will find an expandable header titled: Hold Funds. In this area, you can set a date to hold funds in your account, either all funds or a specific amount. Once this hold is set we will not release this amount, even if you hit a disbursement date, until the date that you have specified. This is an excellent feature if you need to keep funds in your event balance to issue refunds to participants.

Release Funds

Release Funds is another useful feature for event directors. If you need an immediate disbursement, outside of your standard schedule, simply enter in the amount of funds to be released, or choose to release all funds. As long as this done before 4PM EST on any weekday a direct deposit will be initiated or a check will be cut and sent to the address on file. Direct deposits usually take a day to settle into your account.

These are just a few features we offer athleteReg event directors to make their lives easier. We believe that it’s your money, and you should have access to it when you need it.