Returnees Reporting: Boosting Attendance at Your Event Just Got Easier!

athleteReg is proud to introduce Returnees Reporting, a tool designed to boost attendance at your event by comparing current registrations to those in your past events. Focus your marketing efforts on past participants who already know how great your events are and are more likely to register.

Now you can look at who hasn’t registered for your current event from your list of past participants and send them a unique email to let them know registration is open and that they are missing out.

athleteReg’s resources are designed so your data is used to benefit your current and future events. We keep track of past information so you don’t have to! This tool is essential for boosting attendance at your event in the easiest way possible – by contacting participants already familiar with your brand. Building a loyal customer base is a key way to lead to customer retention, and ultimately to more popular events.


This is all available when logged into your current event on any of the athleteReg platforms, by going to the Returnees Reporting page under the Marketing Tools menu. It will allow you to select an event, or events, that you want to compare your current event with. You can get as specific as you want by comparing to multiple past events or by drilling down to the category level within events.

To see a step-by-step process for utilizing Returnees Reporting for your event, see our support page.