athleteReg Launches Interactive Virtual Challenge Tools

Our new virtual challenge functionality allows event directors to create compelling virtual events for participants with a visually appealing leaderboard, maps, interactive results, and automated data syncing.

We are excited to announce the launch of a new set of virtual challenge tools on all athleteReg platforms. With many events canceling or postponing, we have worked to respond by providing a new suite of tools for event directors and athletes. These virtual challenges can be a single discipline like cycling or running, as well as multi-sport like triathlon. 

The virtual challenges can collect multiple metrics from activities (distance, time, vertical) and participants can sync to their strava accounts as well as input their activity data through any of the athleteReg platforms.

Once activity data has been uploaded, the results appear on the registration page through an interactive leaderboard that allows tracking of athletes and can include a map of the challenge to show where participants are on the course. 

Advanced tools such as badges, achievements, and social sharing are available and easy to use to increase engagement and uptake. Expect additional features such as single activity virtual race integration and more in the coming weeks! 

To learn more about the new Virtual Challenge Features or set up a demo, contact us.