Updated Searchable Help & Chat Integration

Curious on how to refund a participant? Or, maybe you need to request an automatic payment? Or, maybe you just want to talk to one of our Event Optimizers for some free advice on event management?

Well, this is now easier than ever! You can search our help database for instructions and tips on how to utilize all of the athleteReg features here:


Or, get connected to our team via Live Chat through the Q&A tab on every athleteReg site:


In addition to the existing suite of tools, there will be several new features added in the coming weeks as we continue to innovate and create new, useful event tools.

Some benefits are:

  • Features explained with step-by-step guides for easy how-to’s
  • Ease and efficiency from improved search capabilities
  • Organization by participant and event director categories to increase speed of search

Included in our improvements are:

  • Integrated Chat with help area to get answers faster
  • Intuitive navigation and organization of topics that helps both participants and event directors find needed information easily

3-25-2016 12-18-45 PM