Additional Team Members – Ability to Pay for Custom Questions

Team functionality is an important part of a registration service, and at athleteReg we strive to offer excellent team management functionality and flexibility. We have recently added a new feature where additional team members can pay for any custom question items, or licenses that they may need when they join their team.

As an event director, when you create a team category you can set it so that team members must all register at once, or so that participants can be sent invites, and can register later. If your event offers additional purchases via our custom question feature, these team members joining later now have the option to purchase these add-ons when they join their team. The process is easy for them, all they need to do is fill out their personal information, select the custom question add-on that they want, and then pay for it via our checkout process.

This new functionality allows you to create team categories, with pending invites to future members, without needing to worry about whether or not these additional members will be left out of custom questions purchases, like a meal tickets, or a needed license-both can now be purchased when they sign up!