Optimizing Your Event Registration Experience

Your online event registration experience is your participant’s ticket to your event. A great registration experience will draw people in; it will provide them with just the right amount of information and convince them that they need to register for your event.

Beyond the registration page, the entire registration experience sets the tone for what participants can expect at your event. Here are three useful tips for making a seamless registration experience that will leave participants excited to participate in your event.

Notes, Widgets and Add-Ons

Event notes are a great thing to add to your event registration page. These notes will give your participants an idea of what to expect on event day, and a better idea of what your event will be like, but don’t stop there! To convince those that may be on the fence about participating, this is also an excellent spot for photos of previous iterations of the event, and interactive maps of the course. Most online mapping services, like RideWithGPS or MapMyRun will have a function that allows you to embed an interactive course map on a website or registration page. Having a course map, with elevation, lets people know what they are in for.

Confirmation Email

The confirmation email is the email that goes out to participants as soon as they register and checkout. We provide an area for event directors to include custom notes, and their logo, completing their branded experience, and giving participants specific instructions relevant to those who are registered. It’s a nice touch to add in custom notes, and it lets the participant know that you care about their experience and are looking forward to having them at your event.

Email Follow-Up

Email is critical.

Even after the note in the confirmation email, your participants want to hear from you! Especially if they register weeks before the event. As your event draws closer, participants are looking for information and instructions. Participants can be nervous about event day.

Where do I park?

What should I expect?

Sending out notes to your participants as your event draws near is a great way generate excitement, and provide reassurance that participants are going to have a great time, and that they made the right choice!