Team Invites Made Easy

Team registration can get complicated, especially when you consider how many people want to sign up at a given time. We designed our team setup system to allow a team or family to register for one category in a single registration; this makes registration a breeze for both the event director, and the participants. Recently, we have made some important improvements to the team registration system to make it even more versatile. If a team or family registers for an event, but they find out at a-later-date that someone else wants to join, they are now able to invite that additional person or persons with ease.

The participant who signed up the team can go into their registration and where they would previously see all team members, they will now also see a spot to invite an additional team member. This new feature is only available if the team has not reached the team limit. For example, if the event director has set that a team can have a maximum of five participants, and only four sign up, they will have the option to use the new invitation system to bring in a final team member.

This new invitation system is great for large teams in corporate events, where all the people participating may not commit to the team initially. This feature gives the added flexibility to invite team members at a later date with ease.

Event directors can also rest assured that if they have set up their team category for payment per person, that the new team member invitation system will appropriately charge the invitee.