Feature Showcase: Series/Omnium Function

Event promoters for event series, or multi-day events often face the issue of how to provide registration flexibility for their participants. Ideally, a promoter for a multi-day event or series would want to allow for participants to pick and choose, but also allow for registration in the entire event or series, often for an discount. Using our series/omnium tool is an excellent solution for this kind of scenario.

The Series/Omnium tool allows event promoters to designate one option for participants to register that will then automatically copy their information into each applicable event or category over the whole event or series. If your event is a series that takes place over the course of many days, weeks or month, the omnium/series feature will save you time and energy in participant management. An omnium/series tool allows the promoter to offer a discounted rate to participants registering for the whole event or series while seamlessly piping those participants into the applicable events or categories that have already been created.

For example, if you run a trail race that happens on Wednesday nights, and runs throughout June, July and August you want participants to pick and choose which Wednesdays they attend, but also want to make it easy for those who want to register for the entire series in one transaction. You have designed a registration page for each Wednesday, but you would also like to give a discount to someone registering for every single Wednesday in a single transaction. Using an series/omnium tool allows for this one-click option, discount included. Using this tool allows for the participant to show up on the registrations for each individual Wednesday, even if all of those are separate events, making it easy to download data and pass it along to your timing service.

You can learn about how to setup this feature and others by checking out the athleteReg Knowledgebase here.

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