Multiple Event Waivers and Integrations with Sanctioning Bodies

Here at athleteReg we are always striving to develop features and solutions for our event directors to make their lives easier. We are pleased to announce that we now support uploading multiple online waivers, and we can now automatically enable waivers based on sanctioning body if required.

What does this mean if I am a sanctioned event?

Great question! If you are an event director with a sanctioned event and your sanctioning body is listed here, you no longer need to worry about searching for the appropriate waiver for your event. Currently, we support online waivers for North American Cycle Sport (NACS) and the United States Endurance Cycling Federation (USECF) on BikeReg and USA Triathlon (USAT) on TriReg. We also have the ability to print waivers prefilled with your participant’s information for wet signatures if required. We will be adding more sanctioning bodies and their waivers will be available under our Online Waiver section if you choose that sanctioning body during event setup.

What does this mean if I work with a sanctioning body not listed above?

Get in touch and let us know! We are able to work with all sanctioning bodies that require their events to sign a waiver.  We will work with the organization to ensure all requirements are met, whether it is the specific data collected, how the waivers are agreed to, how the information is stored, or any other requirements they have. We are happy to work with any sanctioning body to help make the lives of event directors easier.

Once we have the waiver and the ability to service it electronically, we can upload the waiver text, which will be seamlessly integrated into your event’s registration. All you have to do is select your sanctioning body during event setup.

The sanctioning body waiver text is not editable, so the legality of that waiver is always preserved. Participants will initial and agree to these waivers during registration and this information will be stored for easy access by the event director.

How do participants “sign” the online waiver and what data do I receive?

During registration, the online waiver is presented before proceeding to checkout. Participates are required to scroll through the entire waiver, provide initials, and check a box in agreement. For every online waiver agreement we store: exact waiver text at time of agreement, date and time stamp, complete participant contact information, participant IP address, initials, and selection of checkbox. This data is available for every individual in our promoter area. We can also provide consolidated reporting for an entire event.

What if I need more than one waiver?

No problem! Our multi-waiver system will allow you to upload as many waivers as your event needs. You can upload them in tandem with a sanctioning body’s waiver, or simply upload as many different waivers as you need. All waivers will be presented to participants during registration where they will follow our required agreement process described above.

Waivers can be added at any point in the registration process. If at any point you realize that an additional waiver is required, simply upload it, and use our automated waiver email tools to send a waiver agreement link to those who have not yet agreed to it.


If you have any questions on how to implement these waivers or you would like to check on your sanctioning body, give us a call at (888) 956-9560 or email us at Make sure to check back on our blog for more updates as we continue to build more great features, like this, that will make event production easier and less stressful.