Kindful and PledgeReg

At athleteReg, we are committed to integrating solutions that make the jobs of event directors easier, which is why we are excited to announce our integration with Kindful, with our peer-to-peer fundraising solution PledgeReg.

We know that raising money and inviting donations for your cause is tantamount to the success of your entire organization; without a steady flow of donations you wouldn’t be able to accomplish the important work that benefits your cause. Which is why we are constantly looking for ways to make our peer-to-peer fundraising platform PledgeReg more robust, to continue to meet the needs of fundraising events both large and small. Integrating with Kindful, and using both KindFul and PledgeReg is our latest effort to make managing your database of fundraisers and donors even easier.

Linking your Kindful account with your PledgeReg event couldn’t be easier. If you have an existing account with Kindful, all you need to do to get integrated with PledgeReg is get in touch with us! We hook some things up behind the scenes and then as your fundraising event is in flight, donors and donor information will be added to your Kindful database; no more worrying about taking the time to download and transfer that data.

Looking to get Kindful integrated with your event on PledgeReg right now? Give us a shout: