BikeReg and RunReg Apps

athleteReg has gone mobile! Log into your BikeReg or RunReg account as a participant or event director; create an event, register for an event, and do everything in between.

As an event director, you can:

  • Screenshot_2015-06-02-12-43-01Log into your account from virtually anywhere
  • Create or renew events
  • Edit your event details with a few swipes of your finger
  • Manage participants
  • Email participants
  • Request payment and update payment information
  • Download registration data straight to your device for easy access


image21As a participant, you can:

  • Log into your account from virtually anywhere
  • Manage your account information
  • Register for events
  • Navigate the BikeReg or RunReg calendar
  • Check and edit previous registrations
  • Get directions to an event with Google Maps accessibility for your convenience.
  • Star events to save for later – never miss out on another event
  • Receive notifications for upcoming events – because sometimes we all need reminding


Now, it is easier than ever for you to manage your profile with your on-the-go lifestyle. We take you to events, so now take us with you.


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