Multi-Event Participant Search

If you are an event director who has multiple events, or who puts on an event every year we have an excellent tool in our system that can aid you with participant management: multi-event participant search. This feature allows you to search through the entire database of your events on athleteReg for a particular participant.

A tool like multi-event participant search can come in handy in a myriad of scenarios. For example, if you want to check to see how many times a participant has done your events or if you want to check to see which event someone registered for without going into each event, you can quickly look this up by simply searching their name once. Multi-event participant search is an excellent tool to determine what event, or what year of an event a participant has participated in; this gives you great flexibility in how you manage participants and events.

Since athleteReg keeps a record of all registrations for each participant in your events, with no expiration, you can see exact details of each participant’s registration when you search for them using the multi-event participant feature. This allows you to see the choices that they have made on custom questions, or what event decisions they made in previous years. Since this tool encompasses all of your events, it also makes it easy to find a particular person if you run more than one event a year. Instead of having to go into each event individually and search, you can complete the search with one quick click.

At athleteReg, we are always working to improve our registration platform, and this means making excellent tools for event directors. We designed our multi-event participant search feature to be a time saving tool to make the lives of event directors easier.