PledgeReg gets some upgrades…

PledgeReg, our fully integrated to peer fundraising platform, has received some great upgrades this summer. While PledgeReg is already completely seamless and integrated with the registration for events, we have created a new way to drive more donations and fundraiser engagement, new team based features and ways to save you, the event director, time.

Maximizing Donations and Engagement through PledgeReg

  • Participants can now make a “kick off” donation to their fundraising efforts when registering for your event. A donation box in the cart encourages participants to add a kick-off donation that will be added directly to their fundraising page in one seamless transaction. They can pay for this donation in the same transaction as their event registration. This feature is designed to increase total donations and increase fundraiser engagement!








  • Donors now have the option to cover the service fee at checkout so the full, specified amount of the donation will go directly to the fundraiser, team, or organization they choose. This ensures that 100% of their donation goes direct to your cause. So far, we’ve seen a 75% adoption rate of this new feature!!






PledgeReg Fundraising Team Updates:

  • Our PledgeReg team options allow participants to create, join, and change their fundraising teams. While team captains can manage the team in addition to these abilities. Now, event directors can change the team captain to give the captain abilities to another person, or a new participant altogether. Event directors with PledgeReg enabled can go into any of their event’s fundraising teams on PledgeReg and change the team captain. There is no longer a need for the previous team captain to do anything. The event director can just make the change by quickly logging in and updating the captain.
  • All fundraising teams on PledgeReg now have the ability to create multiple team captains. Each captain will share equal access to team captain features and tools. As a team captain, fundraisers can create new captains or demote captains, change team fundraising goals, monitor the fundraising team, invite new teammates, and remove teammates. With multiple team captains, teams are allowed greater flexibility in a team’s fundraising efforts.

PledgeReg Emailing Updates:

Event directors can now include a merge tag for a fundraiser’s unique PledgeReg fundraising page in their emails to fundraisers. This will send a unique URL to each email in the event, group, or category the event director is emailing. The merge tag will find the appropriate PledgeReg URL for that fundraiser based on unique identifiers.

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