LiveReg: Day-Of Registration Solution

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LiveReg is the Day-Of registration management and payment portal for all athleteReg sites, including: BikeReg, RunReg, TriReg, and SkiReg

LiveReg allows event directors to set up a portal for participants to sign up at the event and process credit card payments through a LiveReg card reader provided by athleteReg.

LiveReg lets you integrate your event day registration with your existing athleteReg event to keep all your data and funds in one place. This app can be used as a basic point-of-sale system, a data entry tool, or a full-featured paperless registration system.

LiveReg also allows you to easily and smoothly check-in participants through a quick search function. The check-in feature will also alert you if the participant had purchased any additional event merchandise.

The LiveReg app is available in the Apple App store for use on any iPad.
To receive a card reader, please contact

Usage Overview

Depending on your event setup and waivers required, choose one of these three modes of use:

  • Simple: Point of Sale (Payment Only, No Registration Data)

Run your registration with paper forms as normal, but process credit cards and have the funds deposited into your athleteReg event director account.

  • Moderate: Data Entry (Payment Processing & Paper Registration Data)

Run your registration with paper forms as normal, process credit cards to add funds and manually add participant registration data to your athleteReg account. This gives you an electronic record of all day-of participants, which you can use for post-event emails, sending start lists, or any other data tracking you may need.

  • Complex: Kiosk or Mobile Device Signup (Payment Processing & Paperless Registration)

Participants register for the event queue electronically, using tablet or laptop kiosks you’ve placed in the registration area, or on their mobile device. After registering, they come to the registration table to pay and receive a bib number.

What is the cost for using LiveReg?

LiveReg service fees are 2.5% + $0.75 per transaction. This fee is covered by the event; participants pay no additional fees and your expense for accepting credit card transactions are minimal.

There is a fully refundable credit card swiper usage fee of $100 that will be deducted from your event payout and credited back for payment once the swiper is returned.

A full list of event director capabilities includes:

  • Have a day-of portal for participants directly linked to your event’s registration page
  • Take payment from participants for day-of registration and merchandise items
  • Allow participants to enter queue for registration on their own mobile devices at the event
  • Review all registrations
  • Email custom startlists to timing/results company
  • Add participants without payment

To request use, please fill in the information below:

To view complete instructions and more details, you can access the LiveReg Quick Start Guide here.