PledgeReg Launches New Tool to Boost Fundraising Success

We’re excited to announce the launch of Scheduled Emails — a brand new tool for PledgeReg clients that will help keep your fundraisers on track, on message, and moving toward their goal. 

Engage Your Fundraisers

With the growing number of charitable organizations competing for donations today, it can be difficult to convince someone that your organization is worth their money and their support. For this reason alone, it’s critically important that your fundraisers are not only inspired by the mission that the money will support, but also motivated to keep asking people to give. 

We’ve created this emailing tool to give you a simple way to keep your fundraisers engaged with the process, without having to reinvent the wheel each time. 

Set Your Schedule

The setup page for this tool can be accessed once your AthleteReg registration page and PledgeReg fundraising page are both set up. 

Once on your PledgeReg page, navigate to Fundraising Tools, and then to Scheduled Emails. With this tool, you can easily set a schedule for reaching out to your fundraisers with a variety of messages. Remind fundraisers to share their page through the built-in email and social media sharing tools. Automatically congratulate fundraisers when they hit certain targets. Or send out reminders as the event date gets closer. 

For example, a schedule for Participants/Fundraisers could look like this:

1. Welcome Email — one day after they register

2. Motivation Email — when they reach $100

3. What-to-Expect Email — two weeks out from event day

4. Congratulations Email — when they reach their goal

Reach Your Goals

Fundraising can be challenging, but with the right tools and strategies, you can engage, motivate, and inspire your fundraisers and help them reach their goals. The more they raise, the closer you get to the overarching target you’ve set for your event and your organization. Support them, so they can support you.

Ask Us 
As always, we’re here to help. If you have questions about this or any other PledgeReg tool, or need assistance with event promotion, please call us at 888.956.9560 or email