Did You Know: AthleteReg Offers Email Schedules

AthleteReg is excited to announce that all of our platforms are now equipped with Email Schedules — a tool for event directors that will help to keep you organized, on message, and ahead of the game (as opposed to racing to catch up). 

Easily Engage Your Participants 

As an event director, there are a lot of operational tasks that require your attention. To simplify the communication with your participants, we created Scheduled Emails. With this tool, you can easily set a schedule for emailing your list, input all of the information one time, and then walk away. It sounds too good to be true, but we assure you it’s real! 

Set Your Schedule

The setup page for this tool can be accessed once your AthleteReg registration page is set up. 

Once on your AthleteReg page, navigate to Marketing Tools, and then to Email All Participants. Once you’re there, you’ll see two options: Email Now and Email Schedules. With this tool, you can easily set a schedule for reaching out to your participants with a variety of messages. 

For example, a schedule for Participants could look like this:

1. Welcome Email — one day after they register

2. Bib Number — after registration closes

3. What-to-Expect Email — two weeks out from event day

Make Your Life (and event) Easier

The life of an event director is challenging, but with the right tools and strategies, you can inform and update your participants with a few simple steps. 

Ask Us 
As always, we’re here to help. If you have questions about this or any other AthleteReg tool, or need assistance with event promotion, please call us at 888.956.9560 or email support@athletereg.com.