New Registration Transfer and Upgrade features

We are happy to announce that we have launched automated participant upgrade and transfer features. Transferring/upgrading to a different registration option or transferring a registration to another person can be done quickly and simply by the participant without additional work by the event director. This provides participants more flexibility so they can register early with confidence, knowing they will be able to alter their registration if their plans change.

For event directors, these features remove the time-consuming task of individually processing these requests. Transfer and upgrade features are quick to enable when an event is renewed or setup. Event directors can set the stipulations for a transfer, and choose to charge a fee to process the request if they wish.

For participants, accessing these new features could not be easier. They simply look up their confirmation email or login to their account and choose to ‘Edit’ their entry. Here they are guided through a simple process of choosing and moving into a new category, or sending a registration invite to a friend. If the participant chooses to move into a more expensive category, they will be seamlessly guided through the checkout process before confirming their new registration.

Optional email notifications allow the event director to keep tabs on who is using this feature and the frequency of use.

For more information on how these new features operate and how to enable them in your events, or use them as a participant simply head over to our athleteReg KnowledgeBase: