PledgeReg New Event Setup, Redesign and Fundraising Tools

PledgeReg, the fully integrated peer-to-peer fundraising solution from athleteReg has undergone some changes recently to streamline setup and management for our event directors.

New Event Setup

All event directors can now initiate a fundraising page with PledgeReg directly through their event on BikeReg, RunReg, TriReg or SkiReg. This setup process is an easy add-on in the ‘General Event Setup’ section. To create or renew a PlegeReg page, event directors need only check to enable in the ‘Fundraising’ section, and then include their organization name and the last day of fundraising. Once their event is created on the main registration site, they will receive an email to login to PledgeReg to complete setup. To complete the setup, event directors will be walked through a quick event setup wizard. Event directors can return at any time to change necessary information. If an event is being renewed, most of the information will be pre-filled from the previous year, further simplifying the setup.

New Management Area

Current users will also see that their management area has undergone a significant redesign. The menu has been moved to the top of the screen, and divided into three sections. Event Setup, Fundraising Tools, and Reporting. All features can be accessed from this new menu. The new design also makes the management area much more mobile friendly, allowing event directors to more easily manage their events from a mobile device.

Fundraiser Outreach Tool

The new design also comes with a new tool for event directors. The fundraiser outreach tool allows event directors to search, by date range, through all their fundraisers to find those that meet specific criteria and then send those fundraisers an email. Event directors can search by greater than, or less than a certain dollar amount, or they can search by a fundraising threshold. Thresholds are specified by the event director and indicate when a fundraiser has reached either a certain dollar amount, or a percentage of their goal. Thresholds must be set beforehand in the Threshold Notification area to be used in the fundraiser outreach tool.

In the fundraiser outreach area event directors can also look at their sent emails and drafts. The sent emails / drafts section shows specifications on the emails sent, pending or in draft and allows the event director to copy any of these emails to re-use text and recipients.