New PledgeReg Design

We are excited to announce a design overhaul of our peer-to-peer fundraising platform PledgeReg! Our goal in this re-design was to not only improve the look and feel of PledgeReg, but to make it easier and more intuitive for your fundraisers to use and keep the emphasis on your event’s branding and mission. We are confident this is a great improvement and one that will help you in your fundraising efforts!

Our new design includes:

  • Ability to upload a cover photo.
  • Event and Fundraiser logo shape change.
  • Better call to action buttons for donations.
  • Seamless toggling between story/event/cause descriptions.
  • More prominent placement of fundraisers and teammates.
  • Enhanced mobile functionality.

If you are new to PledgeReg, or simply want a quick look at what our new design entails check out this event: PledgeReg New Design. From there, you can take a look at all the new features described below.

Cover Photo

You can now include a cover photo on your event page, individual pages, and team pages. These can either be uploaded by you, or chosen from one of a selection of our great stock photos. The new cover photo option paired with your event logo makes for stronger branding on your event page, and increased customization for your fundraisers on their personal pages. To enable this new feature, login to your PledgeReg event as a promoter, and in your Event Setup menu select Edit Cover Photo. If you choose to upload your own cover photo keep in mind that the ideal aspect ratio is 330px X 1000px.

Fundraiser / Event Logo

We have changed the default fundraiser logo to serve as your event logo on your landing page and the format has also changed to display as a square, rather than circle. Participants can still upload their own image in place of this for their own fundraising page. The new format is easier to work with and will make for cleaner and better-looking photo uploads from your participants.

Enhanced Styling and Call to Action

Our new design also better highlights the most important parts of your event’s page, with things like clearer call to action buttons for easier donations, and smooth toggling between the descriptions of your event and your cause. On individual and team pages, participants also have this toggling between your event description, cause, and their own personalized story. In addition, participants also have an active list of their most recent donors.

Mobile Focused

We know that mobile is becoming more and more important with fundraising initiatives, which is why our new design is mobile-focused. Both event, individual and team pages scale for mobile, making for a seamless experience for potential donors.

We hope that you look at our new design even if you do not currently have an active event on PledgeReg. If you have any questions about our new look please reach out; we are here to help. You can get in touch with us by calling 888.956.9560 or emailing for assistance.