RaceHQ and their unique Event Marketplace

athleteReg has recently partnered with RaceHQ, an online event marketplace, offering event managers exceptional value on everything needed to produce their events within budget. RaceHQ has a unique online marketplace that connects event managers with top-rated vendors, leverages the group buying power of thousands of races, and streamlines the ordering process using a powerful online planning tool.

With this alliance, athleteReg is able to seamlessly bring its promoters a slew of new benefits that will be sure to increase event quality:

Low prices on a variety of high-quality event essentials: From shirts to bibs to timing and beyond, RaceHQ’s online marketplace allows event managers access to a variety of high-quality products and services from vetted vendors at lower pricing than they could otherwise get on their own, such as shirts, medals, bibs, timing, photos, rentals, and more.

Access to powerful event planning tool: Streamlining the management and planning process by knowing when to place orders, submit permits, reach out to volunteers, etc. in advance of an event and easily tracking submitted orders in one centralized location with single invoicing.

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More on RaceHQ

RaceHQ is a first-of-its-kind online event planning and purchasing tool for participatory events. Developed specifically for event managers, RaceHQ incorporates a comprehensive set of features to more efficiently operate and execute events within budget every time. RaceHQ replaces the clipboard and yellow notepad by allowing race directors to easily take control of their events online and source and procure everything needed to produce an event using any device, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.
Learn more about RaceHQ at www.RaceHQ.com