Event Photo Costs, Upping Social Media Numbers, and What’s New at athleteReg

Great photos aren’t cheap and cheap photos aren’t great – so who pays?
Robbie Little


It’s no secret that the photo industry as a whole has changed dramatically over the last several years and these changes have impacted the entire process of how participant photography is conducted at endurance events.
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16 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event
Kimberly Reynolds

Does your business conduct events? Are you wondering how to use social media to promote those events? Social media is a powerful tool to gain exposure, whether you’re hosting a physical conference or an online event.

In this article I’ll show you 16 creative ways.
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Streamline your on-site registration process with LiveReg

If you have logged in to any of the athleteReg sites lately you have likely noticed a “LiveReg” logo. LiveReg is our iPad app for day-of registration management and payment.
You can now integrate your event day registration with your existing BikeReg, RunReg, TriReg, or SkiReg event to keep all your data and funds in one place. LiveReg can be used as a basic point-of-sale system, a data entry tool, or a full-featured paperless registration system.
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PledgeReg continues to innovate for charitable events

Do you have an event that benefits a charitable organization?

PledgeReg is the integrated fundraising tool for all athleteReg platforms. The PledgeReg system provides a personalized fundraising page for each participant as well as event-wide and team fundraising.
We’ve been hard at work providing a more intuitive, full-featured, and engaging product to help you maximize your fundraising goals. Reach out to your participants and make them expert fundraisers thanks to our robust and easy-to-use reporting, metrics, and contact tools or let them go to work for you with our team features.

We’ve helped countless organizations reach or exceed their fundraising goals.
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