Single Activity Virtual Challenge Capability Now Available

The new single activity functionality allows athletes to track and sync a single activity virtual event, either using Strava or manually. 

With the launch of new virtual tools and features on athleteReg including challenges, badges, achievements, maps, and more, we are excited to launch the newest feature that has been requested. Now events can be set up to have a challenge that only uses one activity to complete the challenge. 

With the emergence of virtual challenges, the virtual events were created to collect athlete data over a set period of time, ranging anywhere from one week, to one month, to several months. This helped fill the hole that was created with a lack of in person events. 

However, these challenges did not accommodate the events that took place over one activity. So, with feedback from event directors, including our in-house event directors, we created a tool that allows creation of events similar to a one day in person event. 

As an example, if an event typically runs over the course of one day and they want to replicate that with a virtual event, they can use this new single activity functionality to motivate their participants to complete a similar course or the exact course in one activity. They can restrict it to one day or allow participants to complete that activity within a week, month, or longer.

With the GPX upload capabilities, athletes can see the course, and can download the course map(s) through the event files area, or they can be attached to an email out to participants after they register using the scheduled email tool. Further, athletes can use our Strava sync capabilities to upload and verify their activity, or choose to enter their metrics themselves.
If you want to set up a single activity event, or a virtual challenge, let us know by calling (888) 956-9560 or emailing us here.