AthleteReg Launches New Site to Showcase Family of Brands

We’re excited to announce the launch of — a brand new site that will act as the basecamp for our family of registration platforms.

Why the new site? 

athleteReg is a family of brands, including BikeReg, SkiReg, RunReg, TriReg, and PledgeReg. And while many of our event directors only utilize one or two of our individual platforms, we want to spread the word that we’re a comprehensive solution for whatever type of athletic event you’re planning. This site is in no way replacing the individual sites we have in the world. Just the opposite is true, actually, as we’re hoping to further support each platform by creating a clear and educational home base. 

What kind of information lives there?

In addition to providing one site that links to each platform, athleteReg has clarifying information about athleteReg as a company, the individual brands that live under the umbrella, the audiences we serve, and a high-level description of features that cater to event directors, fundraisers, and participants. From event management to event calendars, this site has everything you need, whether you’re planning or participating.

In a nutshell

We’re really excited about the launch of This site is meant to act as a simple, user-friendly directory that gets you where you need to go and drills down to provide discipline-specific information for users. It’s another step toward a connected look and feel for all of our platforms, and for some, an overdue introduction to our integrated family of brands. 

Ask Us 

As always, we’re here to help, and to hear your feedback. If you have questions about the new site, or need assistance with event promotion, please call us at 888.956.9560 or email