BikeReg and USA Cycling Launch Features to Improve Registration Process

BikeReg and USA Cycling are announcing their official partnership launch. This post highlights the initial integration features that are currently active on BikeReg. 

Working together, BikeReg, a leader in online registration for cycling events, and USA Cycling, our national leader of the sport, aim to make the online registration process seamless and hassle free for event directors and participants alike. 

The features described below are just the beginning of this partnership. Keep an eye out for additional tools and technology to be released down the road. 

Event Permit Integration

BikeReg has complete event permit integration with USA Cycling, which will automatically import your event information from USA Cycling events. 

To begin, login to your event director account on BikeReg and select the “Create New Event” button:

To enter an existing USA Cycling permit number, click on the “Import My Event Information From USA Cycling” button: 

A box will appear where you are able to enter your past or current permit number. After the permit number is entered, just select “Load Event Information” to pre-fill event information into the BikeReg event setup forum:

Loading the event information will pre-fill most of the “Event Basics” and other event setup sections. This information is always available to be edited if changes need to be made at a later date.

Once the USA Cycling permit number has been entered, the “Sanctioning” section under “Event Basics” will provide the option to enable the USA Cycling online waiver for your event. 

To enable this waiver, just select the box highlighted in orange: 

Online Waiver 

If the USA Cycling online waiver has been enabled for your BikeReg event, you can view the waiver by selecting the “Online Waiver” tool in the Event Setup menu of your event director account: 

The USA Cycling waiver cannot be edited, but you can scroll through the waiver to read the entire text (see arrow on right). 

You can also download the signed participant waivers (see arrow at top):

If the USA Cycling database is inaccessible for any reason, or the connection is slow during the registration process, the waiver will be emailed out to participants so they can continue registering without having to wait for the waiver to load. 

As an event director, you will always be notified and able to see if there are any unsigned waivers remaining in your event. 

You can email these incomplete waivers out to participants by selecting the blue “Email Unsigned Waivers” button (see arrow below):

License Verification For Races 

The license verification tool integrates directly with the USA Cycling database for real-time license verification. This tool is optional and will not be in effect for events that don’t require USA Cycling licenses. 

If a participant registers for an event with an expired license, the event director will be able to download the registration data that includes a list of expired and active licenses. 

USA Cycling licenses now verify the participant’s entire birthday. If the birthday and license number do not match during registration, the participant will receive a “Registration Incomplete” warning:

The participant can then select the clickable “edit” link to be redirected to correct their license number and/or birthdate. 

The license verification tool will also verify that the participant is registering for the correct category, corresponding to their USA Cycling license. 

If participants register for a different category than what is listed under their active license, they will also receive a warning from the system. For more information on category restrictions please reference “Restrictions – Category Setup” in the BikeReg knowledgebase.