LiveReg – A Kiosk-Free Event Day Solution

Event day is the most hectic and stressful day in the entire process of event production. You have been preparing for this day for months, getting ready to guide your participants through what you, as an event director, hope to be a fun and rewarding experience. At athleteReg, our goal is to help make this day a little bit less stressful through thoughtful and easy to use event tools and on-site solutions. Most of our tools help event directors prepare for things before event day, but we still want to have the same easy to use tools available on the day of the event, which is why we created LiveReg, our kiosk-free event day solution.

LiveReg is an iPad app that comes paired with an optional card swiper. It can accomplish a myriad of tasks:

  • Check-in pre-registered participants
  • enter in day-of registrants and take payment
  • quick sales for event tickets, food, or merchandise
  • and much more

LiveReg was designed so that all information that gets inputted that day is then fed back into your main event database, so instead of having to manually enter each walk-up registration, these will be piped into your event database as soon as the person finishes entering their information.

External Registration URL

For most events, having a suite of iPads for participants to use isn’t realistic, which is why LiveReg offers the external registration URL option. Each event has its own custom URL which you can send out to participants or display on a sign at the event. Participants simply go to this link on their personal devices, and enter in their information. Once completed they can then come up to the registration table and pay with credit card or cash. These entries will show up as pending in LiveReg so you can easily sort them.

This keeps long lines from forming if a participant needs to enter in more than their basic information.


Checking your participants in is easy using the LiveReg check-in feature. You can check-in participants who were pre-registered, and also check in those who used the external URL to fill in their information on their mobile device. Once the participant has checked in, you know that they have paid, and filled out any extra waivers; they are ready to go!

Payment Options

LiveReg offers several payment options for your participants. They can pay via a credit card or cash. If you are using the LiveReg swiper you can swipe their card or you can input credit card information manually.

Segmenting participants by how they have paid makes your book-keeping easier after the event.

Quick Sale

This is a basic point of sale solution where you can enter in the amount to be charged and take payment through a credit card (using the swiper if you have one) or with cash for any extra things you might be selling at the event that do not have a designated category; things like extra food tickets, or merchandise items that are only being offered on the day of the event.


You can read more about LiveReg here, or you can send us an email for more information:

Download LiveReg now for iPad in the App Store.