Contacting participants across all your events? Just some events? Or, Just one category?

We have the tools to make it easy!

Emailing is one of the most highly-utilized forms of communication and marketing techniques. With our system, we provide a number of email features to assist you in reaching past, current, and potential participants.

When trying to reach your entire audience, use the “Email All Participants” option in the Marketing Tools menu bar.

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You can also choose a particular category with pre-event instructions or any other information you might want to send to a specific group of people.

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Want to email by event rather than by participant? Use the “Multi-Event Email” under the Event Tasks list to choose which categories you wish to email under each event.

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Selecting your audience by event, if they have attended more than one in the category you wish to contact, will prevent them from getting emailed more than once about the same subject.

An additional emailing tool that we covered in an earlier post is our Returning Participants post. Using the Returning Participants feature, you can reach out to any past participants that have not yet registered for your upcoming event. Read more HERE to find out how we make it easy for you to stay connected with all your participants.

To learn more about our emailing features, visit the Knowledge Base on our website HERE.