New marketing features and more! Quick January update…

From all of us here at athleteReg, Happy New Year!


2016 is already proving to be an exciting year with a lot of new features and projects designed to help you. Our first big change was to add new marketing tools and refine existing features that will undoubtedly help you grow your event with minimal effort.

We are committed to helping promoters of every event, large and small. Why? Because we are promoters too and we understand the challenges that you face. This is exactly why athleteReg was created in 1999; to make registration hassle-free, adding benefits instead of complexity to your events.

Now we have a plethora of tools including: day-of-registration and payment app, sub-promoter access, our in-house event optimization team, SmartMoney feature, Referral Codes, increased emailing abilities, and so much more.

Referral Codes

This tool is completely customizable to meet the exact needs of your event and budget. When your current participants get a designated number of their friends to sign up, give them automatic refunds (partial or full), or custom rewards such as T-Shirts, Hats, Pint Glasses, or no reward at all.

To further incentivize new participants to register, set up the referral codes with discounts for future registrations to make it easier for your participants to market to their friends (i.e. $5 off for anyone registering with a referral code).

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piechartReturnees Reporting

Now you can look at who hasn’t registered for your event, but has been to one of your events in the past and send them a unique email to let them know registration is open and that they are missing out.

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Be on the lookout this year for more useful features, tips, and case studies as we continue to work with closely with our promoters to focus on the tools, service, and experience you need to increase participation and simplify your work.