AthleteReg Grant Update: Project Echelon

Each year, athleteReg gives back over $100,000 in grants and sponsorships to the athletic community. This year, we wanted to up the ante, so we announced our new grant recipient program geared toward lowering the barrier to entry to sport. After receiving over 140 applicants, we announced the winners, a wide-ranging group of organizations dedicated to helping others through sport. You can read more about each of the recipients here.  We will be highlighting the grant recipients throughout the year. Read on to learn more about Project Echelon, one of the 2017 athleteReg Grant Recipients.

Project Echelon

Project Echelon is a veteran’s non-profit that seeks to help veterans and their families regroup, recover, and re-engage through physical activity and self-discovery. Project Echelon supports veterans emotionally through positive messaging, mentorship and relationship building, and coaching veteran athletes. They also support veterans in fiscal hardship financially by raising funds through community events and donations in order to help pay event entry fees, membership fees, and provide equipment scholarships.

Recently, Eric Beach qualified for a new show on NBC that follows 10 athletes as they train and prepare to try and qualify for a spot for IronMan: Kona. Eric is a U.S Army veteran who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and is also the founder of Project Echelon. He and his organization strive to help veterans overcome P.T.S.D through physical activity, such as triathlons, and Eric hopes to inspire others with his journey to qualify for Kona.

We can’t wait to hear more stories like Eric’s about how athletes are helping to inspire and improve their communities through sport. Follow along by going to the Project Echelon website here.