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Five Things Not to Forget on Event Day

Event day is approaching, and stress is high. There is a growing list of things for you to remember, but of course, once you get to your event, there will be things that you inevitably forget, and a few things that you didn’t even realize that you needed! Here is a list of five things […]
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LiveReg – A Kiosk-Free Event Day Solution

Event day is the most hectic and stressful day in the entire process of event production. You have been preparing for this day for months, getting ready to guide your participants through what you, as an event director, hope to be a fun and rewarding experience. At athleteReg, our goal is to help make this […]
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LiveReg: Day-Of Registration Solution

LiveReg is the Day-Of registration management and payment portal for all athleteReg sites, including: BikeReg, RunReg, TriReg, and SkiReg LiveReg allows event directors to set up a portal for participants to sign up at the event and process credit card payments through a LiveReg card reader provided by athleteReg. LiveReg lets you integrate your event […]
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