Monthly Archives: April 2018

Payment Profiles

At athleteReg we are constantly working to improve the experience for event directors, and part of that process is making our systems both more robust and more versatile. Recently we have updated the way that we store payment information in a new system called Payment Profiles. Payment profiles provide a versatile method of including different […]
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Important Formatting Changes to 2018 USAC Release Forms

For 2018 USA Cycling has made some changes to the format of their standard release form. Event directors who choose to sanction their events through USA Cycling will be familiar with their ‘wet signature’ policy, which is that all forms that will be submitted to USA Cycling need to be signed in person, in ink, […]
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Your Post-Event Checklist

Your event is over, phew! It was a whirlwind. So much happened, especially leading up to event day. It’s easy at this point to close the book and not think about it until it comes time to ramp up for another year-it’s certainly tempting to do so! After all that work to make the event […]
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