Monthly Archives: April 2017

New PledgeReg Design

We are excited to announce a design overhaul of our peer-to-peer fundraising platform PledgeReg! Our goal in this re-design was to not only improve the look and feel of PledgeReg, but to make it easier and more intuitive for your fundraisers to use and keep the emphasis on your event’s branding and mission. We are […]
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4 Under-Utilized Features That Make an Event Director’s Life Easier

On most registration platforms setting up the basics is straightforward – you can get your registration page up and running in no time. But there are plenty of features that you may have passed over in your initial perusal that could make your life A LOT easier. Read on for our four top under-utilized features […]
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AthleteReg Grant Update: Project Echelon

Each year, athleteReg gives back over $100,000 in grants and sponsorships to the athletic community. This year, we wanted to up the ante, so we announced our new grant recipient program geared toward lowering the barrier to entry to sport. After receiving over 140 applicants, we announced the winners, a wide-ranging group of organizations dedicated […]
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